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The Pennridge Taxpayer Group was formed by concerned citizens to help slow the escalating tax increases from our School District while maintaining the best quality education for our students.

Because of our efforts, the School Board has approved budgets for two consecutive years without any tax increases and without any increases in class size or cuts in programs.

The Pennridge Taxpayer Group is committed to achieving quantifiable excellence in education within the Pennridge School District through sound business practices and responsible fiscal management of taxpayer funds needed to achieve this measured excellence.
In all matters, the constitution of the State of Pennsylvania and the constitution of the United States of America must be supported and upheld.
The PSD Board of Directors, the parties responsible for the oversight of this activity, being duly elected, sworn of oath, is responsible to the taxpayers in the Pennridge School District.
1.    Non-partisan participation for taxpayers sharing these principles and objectives
2.    "PTG" focus is on the business / education policy, processes and procedures of the Pennridge School District (PSD)
3.   We represent that the school directors are at the will of the taxpayers in the execution of their oath of office to uphold all local,
      state and federal regulations related to educational systems.
4.   We believe that School Directors are directly responsible to the taxpayers in execution of their defined responsibilities.
5.    We believe it is incumbent on the taxpayers to be engaged in the detailed actions of the directors relative to the fiscal financial
      activity as well as the education system performance.
1.   Create community awareness of the processes in the Pennridge School District.
2.   We must communicate that it is the taxpayer's responsibility to be involved and informed on School Board Director's matters.
3.   Assist in achievement of a cost effective fiscal management at PSD that supports improved education system performance
4.   We seek to achieve growing membership in the PTG of taxpayers that share our vision and believe in the group's principles and
5.   We seek representative membership in the PTG from all communities / municipalities that are a part of the Pennridge School
6.   We will utilize all forms of communications, including the electronic media.
Pennridge Taxpayer Group
Mailing List
Pennridge Taxpayer Group
Mailing List
Our next meeting will be held on Thursday,
February 5th at 7:00pm at the West Rockhill Township Building, 1028 Ridge Road, Sellersville, PA 18960